Whitetails Unlimited - Looking For New Chapters

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Hey folks, my name is Stephen Price and I am the Field Director for Whitetails Unlimited here in Georgia. We are currently looking for people that are interested in starting a chapter in their area. All I need is someone who can get a committee together to help sell tickets to the banquet! Doesn't matter where you are, call me! This is a GREAT opportunity to help put money back into the county you live in! The committee and myself decide where we want the money to go! Half of the profits from our Grass Roots banquets are invested back into programs in your county, such as Archery In The Schools, 4H Programs, Scholarships, Food Plot programs, Handicap Hunts, etc.. These are just a few of the causes Whitetails Unlimited Officiall helps support! Go to the website to learn more about where your dollar goes. This is a chance for you to get something positive going for our sport in your area, and it won't cost you a dime! 675-644-6956

We are also looking for people that would be interested in being on committees of existing chapters! Thanks for your time.

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can you give some specific info on the land acquisition efforts. who has access to use this land and where can you find out where this land is at
We have not done any land aqusition in Georgia yet. We have done it in other states. There are times that private land goes up for sale, and we will do a Grant for to help purchase it and use it for public recreation. I will try to attach a screenshot of one we did in Iowa. Thanks!
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are there any land acquisitions that whitetails unlimited owns entirely, or in a trust that they run. thanks
No sir. These are usually pieces of land that Whitetails Unlimited helps purchase for the state to open up to public hunting. For instance, in Iowa, there is not much public ground. If something comes available, especially if it borders public hunting land, WTU will help with the purchase to open up more public grounds for hunting. We do not have anything that is privately owned by WTU for hunting. Everything spent is to open up more public ground, usually state or government.