Who makes the best 17 HMR?


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I know opinions vary, but I'm looking for a rifle that will put all the shots in the same hole at 150 yards. I know that's not likely, but who would make the rifle that is most likely to come close to doing it?


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River Bend recently started allowing 17's to shoot in their monthly 50 to 100 yard BR matches. The 10 ring on the 100 yard target is 1" in diameter. Nobody has ever fired a 250 [ all 25 record shots touching or inside the 10 ring ]. The best ever fired by a 22 or a 17 is a 248. The top 17's are Annie's so far.

I will admit that the wind conditions were horrendous for the March and April matches whereas for the May match they were just diabolical [ thanks to Beryl ]. Hopefully we will have a match with light conditions and somebody will finally shoot a 250. It ain't easy.
For the money you can't beat the Savage Bull Barrels, but like RayJay said that tiny pill gets blown around by the wind. I have shot groups of 5 touching, but the same hole ??? Highly unlikey since the hole is less than 3/16's.


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I just measured my best group from the last match and 5 shots were in a .540" group but 4 of those were in a .210" group. The funny this is that the lone hole hit the X so that helped the score :rofl: The other 4 were over near the edge of the 10 ring.

Now remember, this is at a BR match with all sorts of windflags and other junk out there to help predict where the bullet would end up. Just putting bullets out the bbl with no windflags and expecting to regularly shoot tiny groups is unrealistic.

ETA: Opps, my rifle is chambered in Mach II not HMR. Some people say the M2 is more accurate than the HMR . It's definitely cheaper to shoot !
I have a Savage heavy barrel I have forgotten the model number but its just their standard blue Bolt action Box magazine feed. It is really accurate. I have a Leopold rifleman series 3-9x40 on top and one day I shot 3 rounds that was covered up by a nickle at 100 yards.

Now as far as the best I think the new CZ rifle are pretty sweet.
The CZ 455 varmint looks to me the best as far as a practical of the shelf option. I am sure their is some one out their that custom builds super accurate .17hmr rifles but I am sure they will be expensive.

A rifle that I was interested in was the ruger 10/22 magnum, they have quit making these rifle but I have read that guys are buying them and throwing a .17hmr barrel on them and making really sweet coyote hunting rifles out of them. I guess the semi auto would be better for a fast follow up shoot.

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Ruger also makes or made a 96/17 lever gun. I had one for a little while as loan collateral and it was a real sweet shooter!! If I ever find one I will buy it for sure.

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I've got a Marlin 17 and it's pretty similar to the Savage. As mentioned the wind is always a factor but ammunition varies alot also. I've never tried or looked for match grade 17HMR, but it may help. Bullet weights all shoot different, and I've also gotten different results between brands.

Some days I can shoot consistant 5-shot 1" groups at 100 yds and some days I can't. Too bad we can't reload rimfire to exacting specs, it would help solve half the equation imho.

A couple friends have Henry lever actions that are pretty accurate with open sights. I'm trying to get them to mount some glass and see what they can do.


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I saw a shooter with a .17 HMR rifle from CZ shoot the 200 yard rimfire match. That gun held very tight groups! Everybody who owns the CZ rifles say they're accurate and worthy of a high-end scope.

That being said, if your budget is a little lower I'd look at the bull barrel Savage rifle with the Accu-trigger and the laminated thumbhole stock. I handled one at a gun shop (Rich Mtn. in Ellijay) and really liked it.

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I like my CZ 452 American in 17HMR. It shoots better than I am able to, and has a half way decent trigger for a factory gun. Only thing is getting used to that backwards safty on the things. Drives me nuts sometimes, but I will still hang on to it.