Who wants to go hunting?

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Looking for any hunters to learn from. I spent much of my life hunting with my dad but haven't been able to hunt much in the last 10 years or so. I just want to get in the woods and be able to pass some small game hunting on to my kids. My son is 10 and wants to hunt anything that moves. We hunt some WMA property for rabbits and squirrels but would love to go be able to go with someone who has a rabbit or squirrel dog that could give us a few pointers. I would love to get in the woods and buy someone some lunch or buy some dog food for the opportunity to chase some furry critters.
Wonder where you are located? I am near Appling GA and have a beagle dog that I hunt on Clarks Hill WMA for rabbits. I have a 4 year old that I sometimes take as well.


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Hey Jimdog if you have any of those Junky squirrel dog pups send me a message.
I don't have pups but a friend has some crossbred pups. 1/2 fiest, 3/8 walker, 1/8 cur. text me if your interested and i'll put y'all together.
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