who won the cancer benifit t-ment at oconee

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Sorry, Shawn. I thought Billy started this thread and just saw that you started it. I know you know what it took.......
your mind is on one thing at this point , that cool tropical drink and that big silver non-fightin fish. good luck next week be safe and bring back pictures.(of all the naked ladies) fish i mean.lol:rofl:
OK, so we stay with a couple of friends and their two kids who have a house on the water in Beaufort. We took both families, including my 8 year old, out to the beach by boat one day. On the way back, we're idling under a big bridge with the grass marsh about 50 yards to our right. A flats boat was idling toward us between us and the marsh so he is about 25-30 yards from us. There is a guy driving with another guy (flat on his back) and girl on the front deck in their birthday suits just going to town! We had to do a double take. If not for immediatley diving to cover our children's eyes we might have actually taken in the show. They looked right at us and didn't care a bit. One of those fishing trip stories that will stay with me forever.