Who would still fly on a 737 MAX 8?

in a New York heartbeat.


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Yes, if the price was right.
what y'all need to understand is that right now, all the Max pilots are in 'check, double check, triple check, verify' mode. If they even suspected that something was even a little bit off, they wouldn't be flying

It has been suggested there is an issue with the autopilot at high angles of attack getting false information from the air speed indicator.

Simple solution... don't use auto pilot in climb mode.. Problem solved
Airbus A310 has a much, much worse record than all the 737 series.

A310 has 1.34 fatal crashes per million flights.... all of the 737's together rate .28 fatal crashes per million flights. The Max series has a .12 fatal crashes per million flights.

In other words, you could fly 11 times more flights on the Max series to equal the chance of crashing on a A310

The L1011 Lockheed is .47, or nearly twice as deadly to get on than a 737..


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I would trust pilots over journalists.


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I have no idea the issue, but I would find out now that I see this thread and had a flight on a 737. If the numbers looked good like pappy posted, then Yes


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A 737 causes cancer.

Would you still fly?
I totally would, I would just make sure there are no high profile people flying with me. This was not an accident the plane was hacked with compromised computer chips.

Who was on the flight?
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I’m personally convinced that pilot error is the biggest factor. AOA (Angle of Attack) disagreements may have created a situation that could have easily been corrected by disconnecting the AFCS (Auto Flight Control System, or “Autopilot”). A software update having to do with the MACS (Maneuver Augmentation Control System) will also aid in this situation.


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Absolutely. A321 Monday, A320 last night, CRJ700 here in about 3 hours, 717 tomorrow.

CRJ's and millennial pilots scare more than any 737.


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I’ve flown on several. Ain’t scared.


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If ain't Boeing I ain't going.
Words to live by.

That said, I hope the investigations discern if it is an aircraft problem, training problem or combination there of. Remember other cultures don't learn or process procedures the same way we do. Further, it will turn better if the UK, CANUKs or Aussies are leading the investigation with US participation. Some of these countries are better at managing goat herding than investigations.