Why are my food plots turning yellow

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I planted 2 1/2 acre food plots back the first week of September with Wheat, Buck Forage Oats, rye and Austrian Winter peas. We fertilized them at that time. They came up real nicely and have attracted numerous deer and several deer harvestings in the last month with bow and gun. This weekend we noticed a yellow tint to the color of the plot from the stands and after closer inspection, the tips of the wheat, rye and oats are turning yellow. The local farmer says to MUCH rain, but it hasnt rained that much. I am thinking some 10-10-10 may help, what do you think?


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Just so you know, I mentioned 50# per acre being conservative.

You can always add more later if needed and a winter application would probably do them real good.
Food Plots Turning Yellow

Usually spells Nitrogen Deficiency. You can apply nitrogen and it may still not be available if your soil is highly acid. Not being a soil scientist I cannot detail for you the whys and wherefores of this phenomen. I can tell you that you can apply fertilizer and get little or no response if your PH is in the range lower than about 6.0.

This is why it is always recommended that one get a soil test and follow up with recommended applications of lime and fertilizer. If you do not do this you are running the risk to total failure. This applies to your lawn, garden, farm, or foodplot.

well i planted the same thing as buford dawg exept mainlt austrian winter peas and buck forage oats and when we planted we hit it with 150lbs of 10-10-10 and its greener than ever


Amonium Nitrate!!!!!!!!!!

Get in on them plots!!!!!!!!


Don't do it unless you "KNOW" for sure it's gonna rain (which is hard to predict) or it's raining while you're spreading it.....

We put some on our's last week, and we waited till it was raining to spread it.....

If you put in on them and no rainfall hits it....

It's gonna "BURN" them up!!!!!!!

You don't want that to happen...... :( :(