Why did you buy a kayak ?

I got it to fish with my kayak group and get where no boats can... Now i have a flats boat that drafts just about as much water so its a 50/50 on which i prefer to take/


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Because I want one of everything!
I love to paddle and you see so much more--stealth is at a premium if you want to see the wild life. Great to fish out of also.
Couldn't get the Bulls' to pull my bass boat very far in skinny water. Ride's half the fun! (besides I can get places I can't wade)
I first got one for fishing the Oconee River that I've loved to wade, swim, and fish in growing up. Afterwards I found out how great they are for everything all around. I can sneak up on fish that I wouldn't be able to in anything else except a canoe. They are way better in the wind than a canoe and it seems to be blowing pretty good whenever I'm fishing UNLESS I'm in the bass boat and want some wind. After upgrading from our first kayaks to ones with better seats and more stability it's been awesome to stand and cast as well as the all day comfort.

Oh and one more important plus - the last time I went fishing in the canoe with Shannon she hooked me in the back of the head with a Zara Puppy (Spook). In the kayaks we can be together.......but I can keep a safe distance. ::ke:

In her defense we'd just paddled up on a huge bass in a pocket of the creek channel that feeds our fishing hole. Cast #1 the bass struck, but didn't take it. Cast #2 went into the bushes and broke off. Cast #3 went into me. I tried to get her to keep on fishing, but she stopped to take care of me like a good woman. Priorities like that are why she doesn't have her double digit bass yet.
I was bored one day last summer and borrowed my father in-laws old town loon sit-in to fish Lake Oliver one day. I paddled out into a cove and started wearing em out. Then I noticed a bass boat was in front of where I was and we were pretty much fishing the same area except that I was catching fish and he wasn't. Heck he even asked me what I was using and we found out that we were both using finesse worms with the same set up. From that point on I was hooked. I bought a SOT after that and take it out almost every day I am off!!!
I like canoes, but they are horrible in the wind. I much prefer a kayak if there is any wind. And they are faster than a canoe.

I paddled serious whitewater for a long time in a whitewater kayak a while back, so I am partial to them because of that, too. Kinda hard to roll a SOT kayak, though.
I paddled serious whitewater for a long time in a whitewater kayak a while back, so I am partial to them because of that, too. Kinda hard to roll a SOT kayak, though.
Not really that hard to roll, just a little more difficult to stay seated during the process......
My first, back in my youth was a home-build fiberglass/wood. Not quite as tough as the new "plastics" but still covered a lot of water, some pretty fast and squirrely. But hey, I was young and unbreakable then. Now I have an ol Jackson Coosa sot and really enjoy fishing from it when I can, which is way too seldom (can't crawl in and out of a box seat anymore). Still agile enough to stand up flyfish if the water is reasonably calm. May trade in for a lighter one some day.
Cant afford the side console jon boat I want...Kayak I can afford.
Why I bought a Yak

to be able to paddle upstream away from the yahoos when I go trout fishing. Also, I get tired of hooking and un-hooking the boat trailers to fish and just need a easy yak trip now and then. Paddleboard fishing set up is in my near future.:bounce:


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I picked mine up mainly for a salt trip I do yearly. I also do a Lanier Camp and Paddle twice a year with L.A.K.E., other than that and possible river trips, it mostly hangs in the garage and I use my power boat.
I don't own one yet but after reading these posts I am going to buy one. I'm retiring on 12/22/2018 and was considering whether to buy a john boat or maybe a skiff, but I'm going to try the kayak first.