Why hasn’t the record been broken?


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A Big Old Girl is not going to move her butt unless it is worth it, big bait, fished very slowly. I am from the UK, most of the biggest pike there (40lb plus) are caught on deadbaits statically fished - making an easy large meal, with minimal energy output from the fish. As already mentioned, Most folks also do not fish like Bill Murphy, in his excellent book - In pursuit of giant bass.
Go back and look at the bass and the weights in the beginning of B.A.S.S, Bill Dance, Tom Mann etc, they were hanging 10-12 lb.er’s on chain stringers for years. Why? Way less people and fishing pressure, great food supply, right conditions. They knew how to fish slow. Big fish don’t get big chasing everything all over the lake!
Interesting thread!
I caught a 13 pounder in a Florida golf course.We filet it and ate it,but then I'm just an old cracker that was 16 or so before I knew a jonboat wasn't part of a pickup truck.