Why we can't have nice things

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What if they were coming back to build their shed and found a bear had destroyed their garbage and messed up the camp and the campers are also angry at the mess????

Yes that's exactly right, if they went to get more supplies they should have carried their garbage out \with them!!!


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Don't know where those are from,but it looks like someone was homesteading and got run off.What do you need a bundle of shingles and wood for for a max 14 day camping trip.
That second pic looks like a makeshift doghouse with the green tarp and bowls.


...just joking, seriously.
I have cleaned up that exact same kind of mess before (excepting the lumber), and stuffed it into the still pitched tent that was left abandoned for several days while I camped nearby. Then unstaked the tent and drug the whole mess out of sight. I can only hope the idiots ever returned and got the message.


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I see it,,,,people are selfish,,,,slobs,,,,don't think about anyone else but themselves,,,,and definitely not about nature,,,,


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Need a HOA up in there:bounce: they probably have ten mowers behind the shed and a truck bed full of trash they plan to take to the dump in a year or so at the home place.
Not much use for a slob :waggingfinger:
People suck. I carry trash out of the woods almost every time I go into them. I have loaded my boat full of trash many times at lakeside campsites on the NF. They can carry it in full, but they can't carry it back out empty.


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Everytime I go to the river,,,,I pick up beer cans,plastic bottles,cig butts,,,,
And there's a garbage can 20 ft away,,,,


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Back when I was 17,I was riding with my buddy,I threw a smoke out the window,he told me,if everybody did that,we would be knee deep in them,,,,stuck with me,,,,

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I absolutely hate seeing this kind of stuff. Some people just ain’t worth a cuss.