Wilcox County hunters! Abbeville!

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Any of you guys here that hunt in Wilcox County, near Abbeville, Georgia, I am looking at a club there. I was wondering if you all could tell me how the deer hunting is in that area? A good population? Good genetics? When is the rut? Thanks in advance!


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hog central in wilcox county
One of my properties I hunt is 1 1/2 miles from Abbeville. Everywhere around there is covered in hogs. A number of years ago one of the shows about the wild hog invasion was on discovery, animal planet or national geographic but had Addison from Addison Boar Hunting Inc., and he theorized he knows who introduced Russian Boar into the wild to breed with feral hogs. Reason why some hogs resemble the much bigger Russian Boar. Abbeville, GA also hosts the Annual Ocmulgee Wild Hog Festival held the Saturday before Mother's Day each year. I like hunting the area and like Mark K said make sure you can access it as it floods close to the river and the surrounding farmland.
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Wow, almost Every single response you guys have mentioned a lot of hogs! All the areas I've hunted over the years did not have very many hogs, and I'm really not interested in Hunting where there is a lot of them.
Thanks for all the information guys.
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I hunt about 30 minutes east of abbeville and travel through that area quite often and see more deer than anywhere and some nice bucks on the roads at night