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I bought one of these last week on Dick's sporting goods flash sale for $38.88. It's good enough I suppose!
I have several with no issues as long as you remember they are not a $200 camera. They are good for trails or where you have "feeding station". They are not the best at quick movement captures.
Got a couple of them last year on sale. They have worked good for me so far. How you set them up makes a world of difference in your results.


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Bought one last week and tested it in the house. So far so good. Simple set up and triggers when there’s motion. Has about a 20-30 sec recovery time from what I’ve seen. Pics are good for the price.

Also, if you go to the store they’ll match the online flash sale price.
Buddy of mine just got two. We put them out last week. I told him I havent had good luck with wild game but for the price I guess it's worth a shot.
Gonna check them this weekend.


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LOL! WG can't give away their crap anymore. I refuse to buy these even if they are that cheap. They have made a killing hurting reputable camera companies and us consumers by selling these cheap Chinese cameras.
Support better companies. Especially after their Prez got busted wasting that elk.

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I purchased 10 WGI (not this model but another inexpensive one) and they are easily the worst cameras I have ever had.

When they take a photo, the pic is good.

Most of the time they simply don't go off.

I placed Moultie's in the same place and the pics start rolling in again.

Had one flood and die last week also.

Called WGI early on and the support was basically non existent.

I have gone to Cabela's lifetime warranty and Bushnell's.

Running 20 in Illinois (which I will get to check in early November) and about 12 or so in SC.

Good luck whatever you use.


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We have over a dozen cams in the terra series that have been running at least 1 yr minimum and we have not had a WG Terra 5, 6, 8 or 10 quit yet. Only terra cam I had to return was one a bear bit through, but WG replaced this one no questions asked. I will say that the blade series cams from WG have been complete JUNK. I returned 2 of these to WG and told them not to send another blade series cam back so they sent terras. For the price of $40 though I consider them along the lines of being almost disposable. From my experience though as long as you keep the receipt WG will send replacements out if its less than a year. Definitely don't hurt as bad though when one of these cams decides to walk off.


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I have 4 of the Terra 10s and I haven't had a single issue. I get tons of good pictures with them and I don't really care for strapping a $200 camera on a tree to get stolen. I do wish they had an adjustable delay or multi-shot mode, but obviously you can't really expect a $50 camera to have tons of features.
I use these a lot on public land, so if one grows legs and walks away I'm not out a pile of money.Takes pretty good pics. I have had several out for months now with no issues. If I can get two years out of them I will be happy. For the price I think they are well worth it.