Wildlife protection

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So, a few questions

Do you tent camp or use a travel trailer?
Do you camp in designated sites/parks or go deep into the bush and make your own site?
Do you carry any firearms while camping? Not for fear of marauders, but protection against wildlife?
If tent camping in the bush, do you carry in food and supplies or do you live as settlers did 150 years ago?


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Last time I went camping,,,,many years ago,,,,all my buddy and I carried in was essentially a tent,a few rods,a radio and several cases of brewskis,,,,he was carrying a Glock,,,,


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If I camp, i carry. And it is never for the animals.
If i go backwoods, i carry a hammock and food, accompanied by beers. I also like a folding chair.


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Travel trailer, designated sites, always carry due to 2-legged wildlife, carry own food. I am getting old so I prefer modern luxuries but back in the day I have tent camped and even slept out in the open with nothing more than a sleeping bag, fire, beer, jerky and more beer.