Wilkes County Reports

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Any reports from Wilkes? Doesn’t look like any white oaks this year on my place. red oak crop looks fair. Also not much in the way of muscadines or persimmons.

As typical on my place, getting mostly doe pics on trail cams and a few small bucks. Waiting for a mature buck or two to start showing up soon. Usually begins on my place early October.

I finally closed last week on an additional 30 acres that borders my land. Hunted it last weekend and first deer I saw was a really nice mature 8 pointer. He winded me at 75-80 yards at 8am.
Then at 9:00 five mature does came in. No fawns. I shot a doe at 25 yards and she crashed 50 yards away.
When I got down I found a huge community scrape that all the does we’re visiting. The buck was probably on way to check it if he hadn’t smelled me.
While I dragged out doe, saw a few more scrapes and several nice rubs. Gonna be a good spot!!!

Looks like we may get some rain week after next. Gonna finish planting food plots then!
I hunted down there opening weekend.

I didn't see anything Saturday. Even though the deer had been in the food plot everyday that week at aprox. 5:15. Lots of night time pics.

Hunted a different property Sunday morning. Saw one deer at 9:30. Sun got on me shortly after 10. I had to get down. Bumped into a deer on the way out.


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I’ve only went one time and it was brutal walking in. I know I stunk up the woods. Been getting good deer pictures and the shooter showed up the last 15 mins of legal time last night. Hopefully next week when I can go he will still be around. Usually when the weather drops the bucks leave me. Fawns on camera this spring indicated the does were bred around Halloween. Things should be getting good once this heat breaks.
I hope to be able to go this weekend and put the ole hawken to good use. Maybe taking my grandson hopefully as well. Been really dry and NO rain around Tignall, area


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It rained in Tignall yesterday. Actually the front of the property got some rain and towards the back where I want a foodplot didnt get a drop. The whole county needs a good steady rain.
Found a couple of rubs when I got done hunting yesterday morning. I did some light rattling and grunting. Had a doe and fawn come running in after I rattled. Then I heard grunting and looked, it was another doe that came running in. I was going to shoot her but the momma doe ran her off and I couldn't pull back because the momma doe was facing my direction. Had a small back come cruising by too. Glad we got some rain and more is in the forecast for today.