Will the 2020 Presidential Election Be the Most Violent In American History?

rising civil unrest
Depends on what one would call violent.

Wonder if it will Blue violence or Red violence or both???

Why wait 'til 2020? Election campaigns have already started for some.

Inquiring minds want to know.


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I don't see it happening. People have now seen Trump in action and know what he is capable of doing, you either like it or you don't and that's how the vote will go in 2020. I see the only thing derailing Trump is whether the left stays with the tried and true ways of losing by having Hillary or one of the other croanies run or whether they bring and up and comer to the fight and try to derail him that way like the one that almost derailed Cruz.


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Well then...

As most of you know, I've had several
surgeries. I'm getting better but a 15 y/o
antifa, blm, etc. THUG could probably whip
my butt right now. Will be a year or
so before I can scrap like I used to.

I have carried with a license for about
20 years. Before that I had shotgun
in my truck since I was 18.

I'm well armed and have stores to
do me for a while.

So, all things considered, I can't really
fight hand to hand.

I am, however, utterly prepared to defend
myself, family, friends and even innocent

If the crap hits the fan, best thing is
to give me wide berth.

ANY THREAT(s) Believe that!
I think we will see more violence in certain urban areas even before the election. We saw that in the west and part of the north east for this mid-term.
I dunno anymore. The Democrats won the house and they acted like absolute fools and no one punished them for it.
But when they lose the house and every other national election, what then?


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It is you guys that are in the lions den. It won't be a war between Democrats and Republicans. It will be a war against those that want what you have and those of you who are willing to fight to keep it.

You guys already have the barbarians at the gate. The creation of the Atlanta Metropolis is the worst thing that ever happened to Georgia. Back when the Braves and Falcons came to town Atlanta was still backwater of American commerce. Now it draws every Tom, Dick and Harry from ever failed metropolis of the north. Sadly y'all choose to live in it the belly of the beast. It is those folks living in the red counties that are stemming the tide at this point. But eventually the finger in the dike won't be enough

The flags of progressive-ism and liberalism have been planted in the metropolis. I don't suspect they will be felled.

Decay comes to the confines of most every big city and is known as Socialism. When it is embraced as a governing principle it wraps itself around those cities like kudzu and wisteria vines. Slowly choking and dragging it down.

The mantra for the metropolis before long might well be. "Will the last one out turn off the lights before you go".
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I expect there to be violence before, during and after the election. It will start at one of the conventions. I suspect it will be the Democrats but antifa will show up in Charlotte and cause mayhem for the Republicans too.