Willing to take a newb on a bear hunt..

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I got a bear yesterday maybe 200lbs. I've hunted 3 times and I have seen 10 bears (still not a guaranteed kill LOL).. I've got more bears than chipmunks. I really need to thin the heard for the sake of the deer.. So I'm willing to take a hunter or two to kill their first bear. The only catch is if you kill it the bear is yours to keep and clean and mount or whatever you want to do with it and we hunt only during the week (mon thru thurs). I've seen bears north of 400lbs with 150's to 200's being average. Be ready and be prepared for the after kill work (gutting, dragging, have a processor or taxidermist lined up). Shoot me a PM if interested. I am in Acworth, GA I hunt a hour or so north of Acworth. If I already know you you kinda get brownie points.. :).


Good for you Mike, to share your spot with folks !! I have seen many bears over a dog !! But I have seen more in the wild this year, crossing roads and such, than I have seen in my life !!



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Very generous offer! This is what I like most about the bear forum. Good people!
I second that! I have never seen such a forum where so many are willing to help so many. Good for you Triton Mike on your offer to get someone on a bear and and help to reduce the population...it has exploded.