Winchester M-70 'Classic' Featherweight 'Stainless ' Question?

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I was seeking some information on a rifle I own, namely a Winchester Model 70 'Classic' Featherweight (Post 64) .270 Stainless - New Haven, CT. Would any know if the barrel (stainless) is 'cut' rifled or 'button' rifled? Naturally, the barrel is not cold hammer forged as being stainless. I've contacted Winchester about a year ago and spoke with Lenny, the Winchester Historical Librarian regarding some technical information relating to the aforesaid rifle. Unfortunately, we did not discuss 'barrel forming'. Lenny has recently retired.

Secondarily, I also spoke with someone in the technical area at Winchester at about the same time in respect to barrels. The person said that in those years, (1994-1996), Hastings manufactured many barrels for Winchester in the M-70 line. I asked him if there were any way to identify this, and he said, "No, there is not". He further added that they were 'tack shooters'. Irrespective of the triviality, would any know if Hastings manufactured barrels for Winchester, and if so, is there any way to distinguish the differences? I did make mention of markings but the person added, "there are no markings".

If any could provide some insight here, it would be truly appreciated. All replies are most welcome. fair_cons.jpg :coffee: