winter flys?

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What flys do yall have luck with during the winter? This is my favorite time to get in the river and trout fish but I am new to the fly fishing world so any info would be appreciated greatly! I fish the year round streams(of course) believe it or not, mostly right through Helen. Thanks!


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Can't go wrong with Black Woolie Buggers & Blue Wing Olives will work sometimes.
Not much happening right through Helen right now, most of the action will be on the Delay Harvest streams..Smith Creek, Amicalola, Hooch in Hotlanta, or the tailwaters of the Toccoa river and the Hooch below Buford Dam. Some of the year round streams may have fish, but for if it were my dime, I'd spend it on one of the DH waters.
Flies will vary, but for the DH, junk food flies are hot...Y2K, egg patterns, San Juan worms, Wooly Boogers
Tailwaters wil see some small BWO, midges and small nymphs. Or you can forget about the average trout and throw something big, dark, and ugly for some of the big boys.
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thanks guys im headed to Helen tomorrow for some quiet time alone. I reckon I will try a wooly booger, and i got an egg somewhere, maybe i wont hook too many tree fish!