winter trout in Clayton area?

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My 14 year old wants to go trout fishing--is there anywhere near Clayton that we may have a shot to catch anything in the winter ( no stocking is my concern ) ?


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Check for some of the Delayed Harvest waters -- Chattooga for example.

Also may want to drive up to western NC - several DH waters within an hour of so of Clayton. They used to offer a NC non resident 'trout trail' license by telephone for around $5-$10, search Western North Carolina Fly fishing trail....100,000 trout stocked in those various waters.
Cherokee, NC used to be my go-to this time of year, all year, in fact.

There are always a few hold-overs hanging around in the smaller streams around Cleveland/Helen as well, probably more this year due to the mild summer we had.
chattooga is a good bet, as well as many rivers right up the road in NC. Especially those delayed harvest waters