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my mom rides horses and wanted to know if in the off season of hunting u can ride horses on WMA land ppl camp and ride bikes why couldnt she ride horses please any info on if u can or cant ride horses on WMA will be much obliged

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check out wma's in yer area.
in northeast ga. lots of good horse back riding and horse/camping facilities @ lake russel wma and warwoman wma.

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HORSES AND BICYCLES are restricted to
open improved roads, designated trails, or
designated areas. (GORP fee may apply.
See page 32 for details.) Bicycles may be used
on closed improved roads for the purpose
of hunter access. Horses may be used off
roads and trails during permitted field
trials. Horses and bicycles may be used on
National Forest Lands not otherwise closed.
Horses and bicycles are prohibited on the
Appalachian Trail.


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Yes, horses are allowed unless otherwise marked or specified. (If no signs, it's always good to give a ring to the office in charge of the WMA.)
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Contrary to common belief, horses are not allowed on most WMAs that are state owned. While the information in post 4 is correct, there are very few WMAs where that information applies, most are posted no horses, bicycles or ATVs allowed. Many WMAs on federal land also are not open to horses. Have your mom make a few phone calls to find out where she may ride and what conditions apply. Look in the front of the regulation booklet for the region office of the area she is interested in and ask them, if it is federal land, there are a lot of phone numbers for the federal ranger districts listed in the back of the regulations to get that information.
she can ride horses and camp on pigeon mt. when they are not having a deer hunt .during turkey season you can't ride until after 10 o'clock in the morning . they have some great horse trails to ride on. I ride there alot. I ride mules.