Would God condemn you for this?

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Please read the story before voicing your opinion.


As bad as it is this is even more appalling

If Georgulas wins, James’ therapist will assist him with his transition, eventually giving him access to puberty-blocking hormones and gender-reassignment surgery.
Puberty blocking drugs is a nice term for chemical castration. Just FYI.

Now to my question. If this was me,my ex-wife, and child, she would go missing. I honestly don't know if God would condemn me for that. My emotions run high on this, and when that happens I know I'm not the most rational, so I ask you.


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At this point in my walk I'd have to first ask myself, with plea no less for help in the presence of the all present One..."how did I, what did I, what part was mine in this little vignette (that I surely did not see coming) that now leads me here so wanting to "do something"...but admittedly...no more in sight of what may come as consequence as to what in once I was no less blind...

Call unto me, and I will answer thee, and shew thee great and mighty things, which thou knowest not.

I am no more accomplished in these things than any other...for in almost every situation I easily find what "I would do"...or "what I'd like to do"...and even those things of which I easily cry "But I can't see to do anything else but such and such..."

You and I will only be saved by One who "knows better"...and I surely don't know better how to make this clear to anyone...except that I am always being pressed to it.

My saying anything betrays a pride I can't deny. I can only testify as one who has, in so many ways, in so many matters...been allowed to glimpse how sorrow works toward a thing for the man who "takes things into his own hands". The thing it works toward, also I cannot deny...a glimpse of the one who entrusted himself into the faithful hands of another. To say his appearing has always outstripped everything I sought to do about anything...I cannot explain. Nor surely boast of in knowing of its working.

I do get glimpses...and encouragements of how "enemies" disappear. And appear then as loved ones. But, of myself, this cure I am most in need.

I am no stronger than any...and if christian, probably the weaker. In God's presence I would be a scoundrel to deny how often I have asked..."why Lord...why...would you save any of this...?" The answer never fails in joy. For if I can believe he can save such as me...the rest is really...quite easy.

And how dare I not believe the only One who has only ever told me the truth.

Jesus looked at them and said, "With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible."

O! those red words. Thanks be to God they never "let me off the hook".


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I would put forth prayer, seek council with God, and pray some more. My God can solve this problem. Somewhere it says in Romans 12 I believe that revenge is for God. This would for sure be a trying of your faith, to give it to God and the faith that he would put the proper attorneys, judge, jury in place to make the situation right. Now the Carnal side of me would probably go missing to some other country with my SON to keep me out of jail.