Would you let someone on your lease who has poached in the past?

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People do change, and one of my members wants to invite a person on to the lease who has been a confirmed poacher in the past. My first impression is Heck No, but what do you all think?

is it once a poacher always a poacher, or
give hime a second chance
It depends on if he was caught or not. I don't care if your the pope you have done something wrong at one time in your life pointing a finger at someone just because they were caught I say is hippo critical and I wouldn't want to be a part of your "club"


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No. Mainly because you owe it to all paying members to protect their lease. Plus, why give them a behind the fence view of your lease and it’s set-up. Secondly, there’s a good chance that someone who doesn’t respect game laws probably has a similar view of safety rules.
I wish them well on their rehabilitation, but I’m not sure my lease would be their proving grounds.
Did they “man up” & admit to getting caught,or did they volunteer this info? Did you find it out through someone else & the potential new member has not volunteered the info? What’s their opinion on Poaching now? Lot of angles to view it from & ALL of us have made some kind of past mistake..
Yes cause he's no different than anyone with a DUI or your average ole joe. Mr green jeans told me one day that killing a doe out of season is no less of a broken law than killing someone
I think it depends on when it was that he was "confirmed" to have been poaching. I did a lot of stuff in my teens and twenties that was stupid, illegal, and a combination of the two in many instances. I would hope that I would not have that held against me twenty plus years later under the assumption that because I did that stuff back then I would do it now. That decision would be both uninformed and ignorant. Now if the guy is 22 and was killing deer a behind a spotlight in December , that is a completely different scenario. Your question would be like asking someone if you should hire a delivery driver that has traffic violations. If he is 35 and had three speeding tickets and a reckless driving ticket when he was 21 and under with nothing since, that is completely different than a 28 year old with three super speeder tickets and two at fault accidents in the last three years. You have to use some judgment and common sense depending on the individual's situation.


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If one of my good standing members vouch for the guy, then that would be good enough for me. If things go South then he wouldn't be back next year.

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Depends on how long ago it was and the age of said person. I know I've done stupid things long ago and have been given the chance to prove myself. It's all been good. Not just talking about hunting. life in general and I'm thankful for the chances I've been given. My career for one....