Wounded Warrior hunt Oct 7-10


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Fort R u c k e r, AL WMR is offering a special hunt for Wounded Warriors on Oct. 7-10, 2015 :flag:

For information on hunting, being a guide, helping at the WMR office with phones and radios or anything else you can receive information at 334-255-4305 or www.ftruckerwr.com



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Thanks for the reply.

Ft. Rucker borders the small town of Ozark AL and is about 18 miles west of Dothan, AL. If you were going to Panama City on US 431 you would past through Dothan. This hunt is for Wounded Warriors and their "guide/helper". Guess it is the only place in Alabama you can hunt legal over bait as the WMR folks have baited areas to insure hogs are coming in. Not sure of the deer shooting rules.

I just retired and moved to Ozark in August and since I do not know any of the areas on Ft. Rucker to hunt. I will be helping in the office with the radios, phones and when a kill is made if help is need to field dress, drag out or load up I will help then, also.


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Hope yall had a good hunt!

Little out of range for me.
I thought it was great, though the weather was a bit warm, so not as many hogs were killed as they had hoped for. The were 11 hogs killed with the largest being 176 pounds. We had 27 WW hunters and more than 35 hunters/guides to help them. All seems to enjoy their self with some returning for the 4th time.

I was in the office each morning signing in and out folks then helping set-up for lunch and the afternoon hunts. Lunch W-F was provided each day by one of 3 families and on Saturday by a local church. This was the 5th year those folks had provided lunches - grilled chicken two days, BBQ, and homemade veggies, beans, slaw, and deserts and several schools had made cards for the WW soldiers. Also more than $8K was raised from the raffle tickets sold. The funds have been used in the past to buy two wheelchair access boats and 30 foot travel trailer with lifts and stuff for wheelchairs.

Also a "tractor" chair/ATV and an elevator blind on a trailer that allows wheelchairs to roll on and off and lifts from ground level to 15 feet. There were over 200 people at the closing yesterday at noon with many gifts and praise for our troops and the Wounded Warriors.

Was thankful to be a small part of the week and hope to be able to do more next year.
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Oh I forgot. The WMR also had $200 gift certificates that were given by local stores to the WW's who killed the largest hog and coyote - by weight.

It was a very good program.