WTS Deal of the Day.....Custom Rifle...Reduced


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I need cash alot more than this rifle so someone can get a steal of a deal..........rifle breakdown is below

* Weatherby Mark V Action Trued w/ trigger job
* 26" Match Grade Stainless Krieger Barrel Chambered in 300 Weatherby Improved
* McMillan Stock, Floated, pillar bedded
* VAIS Brake threaded on w/out seam
* Reloading dies
* Scope base threads are 8/40
* Custom HS Precision Magazine box fitted to Weatherby Bottom Metal so that 3 rnds can be held in mag.

Round count on barrel is 36, one small mark on barrel (pictured below) and one small mark on the grip of stock, also pictured.

Price breakdown on parts and labor for this build easily top $1800

As stated earlier........I need the cash will sell for $1300 Shipped or $1250 FTF in GA

Best Reached by email @ mhaun@mossyoakproperties.com

Thanks, Matt


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Price reduced.........$1150


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900 views and still no bites........i'll lower it one more time before gunbroker gets it...........how bout $1000 shipped.......really wish people could comment so i would know why no one has jumped all over this stick