wtt for bear claw(s)

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located in missouri at present where it is legal to deal in bear parts.
am looking for a largish bear claw for a personal project. would consider more than one if you have em. but really just need one for this project. have lots of primitive materials available. cane for shafts. some (41-44# uncut) tapered cedar shafts. a few snow goose wings. these feathers are pretty small mostly for fletching, but lovely for other projects. tho i have been able to get 2-4 feathers that work for arrows outta each wing. they are also not as stiff as canadian goose feathers. a big bag of tanned hair on deer hide scraps. one nice piece of soapstone maybe 4"x4"x1 1/2". have a few nice knives too if'n ya have a few of them claws. give me a holler. thanks!