Yearling or Fawn

What do you call a deer that is out of spots, but less than a year old?

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...from the hipster thread, what do you call a deer that’s less than a year old but out of spots and is adult colored. I predict that there will be at least 60% that use “yearling”. Maybe much more.
A fawn is a deer in it's first year and a yearling is a deer at least 1 but less than 2 yr old. I think we, as hunters tend to group fawns as yearlings as soon as spot fade away. Well technically, they don't fade, they go away due to their "coats" changing from Summer to Fall

However, they are tender and delicious as well....LOL
The biologically appropriate terms for deer in the fall are fawn (deer under 1 year) and yearling or long yearling (deer 1.5 years old).
It came up in the hipster thread. I’ve always called them fawns, but you hear “yearling” more. A poll was requested to see what the split is.
I hear fall fawns called yearlings often too.
Usually by continuing to listen to the story I can tell if the hunter is actually referring to a fawn or a yearlin.
We also call fall fawns weanlings a lot too.
I’ve always called the yearlings even when they have spots , and most people I hunt with or around do the same ..... I hear it all the time , seen a doe and 2 yearlings , learn something technical on here often ! But I ain’t to technical
For the last half century, right or wrong, I've always heard the term "yearling" referring to young of the year deer-fall fawns that have grown out of their spots, but aren't full-grown deer yet (button bucks and doe fawns.) All I've ever heard a 1 1/2 year-old deer called is a "deer," no special name. Maybe it's a regional thing.


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I call them yearlings, next season they won’t be. I also call them delicious but rarely shoot either.
I am very surprised the current voting is so close.

I thought the “fawn” crowd vote would be much smaller.

From a technical standpoint (and from a QDM / management standpoint), fawn is correct.

My guess is you call them what the people around you called them as you grew into hunting.

They are all deer and certainly are not worth a heated debate.