Yellow Perch In Georgia

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I have found a lake in Cobb County that has Yellow Perch in it. Has anyone ever heard of these in Georgia? I hear they are good eating. Would they still be safe to eat from a unique environment like this?
Go up to Lake Burton, Seed or Rabun. That is where the Stat's records come from if I am not mistaken. Not many fish for them like they do up north. They are boney but great to eat.
they are not any bonier than any other fish like a small white bass or something. i've caught some good sized ones at the hill on herring. you can get some nice little fillets out of a little 10 or 11 inch yellow perch. great to eat.


i have caught some at Jackson Lake, although I have never eaten any. I have heard that they are real good eating.

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Thanks for the replies. I had never seen a yellow perch till' a couple of months ago. I was working on a porch at a house on about a 50 acre lake and one of the other guys was telling me about this yellow/orange fish in the lake. I thought he was full of it untill he came walking up with one on the hook. I was watching fishing this morning at the fire station and saw one on tv. They are not even listed on the GA DNR webpage as a native fish.


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If you should catch one over 2 and a half pounds -- be sure to have it weighed and verified.

Might qualify for a lake record.


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We used to catch them thru the ice in Mi on minnows,They are in the walayi family and to me there is no better eating,I Caught 1 in Jackson last year it was the first 1 that iev caught here in Ga.In Michigan they spawn right after the ice comes off the lakes so they should be here to but it mite be over here in Ga.


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I have caugt them in the Hooch near Roswell

and they are deeeeelicious. :)

I caught mine on mepps spinners in deep water. They can provide you with a lot of action when they are on.


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I've caught quite a few of them over the years in Georgia- mostly off of minnows when crappie fishing. We also catch a good many up at our cabin at Lake Burton when bream fishing with worms. In fact, the state record came from Lake Burton- about 2 1/2 pounds I believe.


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Yellow perch

We used to catch some yellow perch at Clark Hill while fishing for crappie with minnows over tree tops and sunken brush piles. I agree they are somewhat boney but we would keep the ones big enough to eat. They fry up good. Makes me hungry thinking about it!! :flag: :flag: :flag:


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I used to talk to an older gentleman who grew up on the Hootch before the dam was built..he fished ONLY for perch..used a 1/8 oz blue beetle spin..and did pretty well on them and some nice trout with that lure. I used to help help him launch and recover his jon boat near the Rogers Bridge area...there is better fishing for perch near the Roswell area IMO. I've caught them up and down the river over the years but I've never really targeted them, mostly a by catch while trout fishing.


I haven't personally caught one but I have seen some pretty big ones come from lake yonah in habersham county.


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Dont know the name of the river feeding Burton, but when I was a kid we used to catch quite a few out of there on corn.


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Caught one in the Hooch near Roswell (only one of two I ever caught) and that dude had to weight a solid two pounds. I had no idea what is was.
Don't have those in south Louisiana...
Hunt/fish safely,