Yeti Coolers

Ive heard the yetti cooler only works as advertised, is if it is stored in a freezer 24 hours in advance?


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I have a yeti 75 and it holds ice very well. I kept a deer on ice in it for bout 12 days took 3 bags from twice the ice at first then drained it and added 2 more regular bags . If it lasts me more than 5 years the way I treat coolers it will be worth the 375 I paid for it.


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The main reason I don't have a Yeti is so far no Grizzly Bear has attempted to rob my Igloo of the venison contents. But- it is nice to know should such a problem arise here in Fayette County Ga- I have a simple 400 dollar fix!! lol


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I have a 65-qt yeti, and that's what I use for quartered deer. Look on craigslist, no reason to pay retail. I wouldn't trade it for any other cooler. I go to our farm almost weekly, and most of the time, it's still got ice from the weekend before. Granted, the more "hot" meat/drinks you add, the quicker it melts. It's all a ratio based on the amount of ice compared to the meat/drinks. I would suggest a yeti to anyone, and I suggest looking for a used one.


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I just got my new YETI soft side it's awsome , I have a roadie(yeti)
And it will be used as a work truck cooler from now foward .


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I watched several tests and reviews on youtube. The yeti is only about a day 1/2 ahead of the coleman 5 day extreme. The Igloo marine extreme did the worst. The engle was about a day ahead of the coleman. I put my meat in the coleman. I have one in the 70 qt. right now. save your money


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I’ve managed to win a Yeti Tundra 35 and the Yeti Flip 12 and I have to say, I love my Yeti’s!! My old Coleman that I’ve been packing quartered out deer into for about 10 years now is on its last legs and needs to be replaced. Can anyone recommend whether the Tundra 45 is big enough to fit a quartered deer plus ice or is the 65 the one to get?

Mark K

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Hope their coolers last longer than their cups do. First got it and ice would last all a styrofoam McDonalds cup holds it longer.