Yildiz single shot 410's...

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...are on sale at Academy for $99.99 for those that want one for turkey season (don't snooze - last year they disappeared pretty quickly).

Over/under is on sale for $399.99.


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This is going to be my next build. I finally finished my stoeger 3020 but I am interested in the introduction of TSS by the big manufacturers.

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To use a .410 for turkeys one would need to load their own shells correct, not buy off the shelf? Also have the gun worked on?? I'm a 20g guy but may venture into the .410 depending... Thanks


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I bought one last year. Its great to have a 410, but its a $99 shotgun. It is what it is.


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Occasionally one will pattern decently out of the box with TSS 9's. I had one pattern anywhere from 88 to 110 in the 10" ring at 40 yards. I had it choked by Sumtoy and it now will hit 160s in the 10 ring with 9.5's at 40. The creep will need to be taken out of the trigger and pull lightened. It is recommended that a red dot be mounted although I've seen a diy sight made out of a notched, hot glued Pyrodex cap made into a sight on one and the owner uses it turkey hunting successfully in the W. Va. mountains. For $129 you get a 3.25 lb. +/- platform for an easy to tote hammerless turkey killer that has a corrosion proof finish on the barrel (black satin finished chrome) and an anodized receiver. There have been reports of light primer strikes and FTF on some guns but that is curable. Gil

And the McGyver Award goes to the Pyrodex cap sight maker:

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