You Are Definitely Going To Pay More For Dos Equis Pretty Soon

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Though I am a Ford man I totally agree. I'm tired of countries pushing us around and more tire of hearing from the media how it's going to hurt our country. I'm sure it's going to hurt their country more than ours. As far as our country goes if you don't want to pay the extra then don't buy the product....take one for the country for a change and pay the extra instead of bowing down to those that think they can push us around.


...just joking, seriously.
I'm extremely tired of American manufacturers who take their manufacturing out of the country only to bring their products back in and make a mint off the American people. Without the homegrown jobs they should create here, the money-go-round has become a one-way deal. Straight away from American consumers.
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I'm tired of people telling me Mexico is our "friend" and Trump is running off our "friends". A "friend" wouldn't let millions of people move through their country and help them invade ours from their border. I start out from the position Santa Anna killed one of my great, great, great uncles at the Alamo so I don't think too much of Mexicans anyway.
Medico is not our friend! Medico is trying to take back Crazifornia by illegal immigrant invasion. Don't know if that is a bad thing right now.