You are your Father's child (encouragement in the grace of God)

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Encouraging words of grace from Mike Q. Daniel...
My friends, the power of sin cannot force you to do anything, but deceives you into thinking it is you that desires sin, into acting out the patterns of the flesh, into feeling condemned by the enemy's accusation, and into experiencing death in our thinking and feeling as if we are separated from God! ALL of this is based in the lie of falsely identifying more with the flesh in us than the Life of Christ in union with us!

In Christ, you are uncondemnable, righteous, redeemed, holy, and complete by grace. Sinful behaviors lived out from lying beliefs do not define you. You are your Father's child - free, loved, empowered, significant, and whole. Any voice in your mind that says otherwise is lying and entirely incompatible with your reborn, new creation self.

In fact, if you like Jesus, you should eagerly and jubilantly love who you are. He certainly does!

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