you finish bows

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my daughter wants to build a bow this year.i figured i would build one too.rudder bows has a kit with 2 bows in it .but i cant get in touch with them .is there another company that sells you finish bows
Gary Davis Rattlestickbows. He sales nice roughed out Osage bows. He doesn't have a website but he has an add in Primitive Archer magazine.
I'm finishing up a James Parker blank right now. It's the one with bamboo on back and belly, and has 5 lams. It's gonna be a really sweet bow. I bought it at Pine Hollow Longbows.
I know James Parker really well personally-he is a good friend of mine, and his bows are second to none. I also know and recommend Gary Davis, anything you get fron either of these guys is top-notch, and they will stand behind it.

I do not recommend Rudderbows.

Google Huntworthy Productions to get up with James, or Rattlestick bows to get up with Gary.