You know you are getting old when...

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Ok, let's have fun with this thread! My wife has been wanting a new car for a while. I guess something about me getting my "new" 2002 crew cab F150 this spring made her suddenly unhappy with the '96 Isuzu Trooper. So we have been shopping and shopping. She was supposed to have the day to herself today and I was babysitting but she changed her mind and wanted to go car shopping. We came about a 1/2" away from buying a toyota 4runner but she didn't like the interior color and wanted to go look @ a different dealership. So we happen to drive by the honda place on the way and she says stop. So we stop. She starts looking @ their minivan- the Odyssey. Instead of the 4x4 SR5 4Runner, looks like she wants the Odyssey.

So, you KNOW you are getting older when....
When you pass up a brand new 4x4 4Runner and want a minivan instead! Scary thing is that once I sat in it and saw how it was all laid out...I had to agree with her! :eek: Why do they have to make minivans so practical and so well designed for a family with little children??!!! Are there any state laws that prohibit owning a minivan if you are only 30 years old???

Anyway, talk to me! Make me feel better about the minivan! How did you know you were no longer a teenager?!


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Sorry, can't help you. I'm 32 and still won't buy a grocery getter. I drive an F-350 crew cab and my wife drives an Expedition. Both 4x4. Now if you want to talk about aches and pains, THEN I can tell you about the whole "getting older" thing.