You picked a fine time to leave me Lucille

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The week before the season opens and some deer out in the fields,
I want to poll on the persimmons and muscadines...
Wonderin where them deer are getting there meals
But back just in time, by Saturday Morning I'll be fine...

Actually am glad its back up and working though... anyone seen if the muscadines and persimmons survived the storm?



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Rapid Fire was over at our place yesterday in Haralson County and said acorns were all over the ground everywhere - And that the persimmons were just about right to drop this weekend...


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What muscadines we found as well as acorns were knocked off the tree/vine by the wind and hard rains. They have easy meals everywhere they look!


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Food Everywhere

ACORNS, PERSIMMONS, MUSCIDINES, CRABAPPLES - Everything imaginable everywhere. Great mast this year. TOO GREAT!! The deer don't have to go looking for food. There is nothing to make them move around. They can stay in a seculeded area and have no reason to leave. I have a corn feeder behind thae house and I feed all year long. During the Winter, Spring and early Summer, I always have deer off my patio. Now - NOTHING!!.

This is a non hunting area, and the deer are used to seeing us. Right now there is so much food everywhere, they are not even bothering with my corn. ::huh:
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