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The Grant William Terrell Foundation has teamed with a local farmer in Franklin County Georgia to host a dove hunt for children battling cancer, illnesses, and other difficult situations on September 6th.

This is a parent /child hunt and is free of cost to the participants. We have room for 25 kids per the farmer.

Lunch will be provided and some of the days kill will be grilled that evening so that the participants can enjoy their bounty.

Those interested can email the GWT Foundation at

If you have a retriever and would like to volunteer your time and your dog to enhance the hunters experience you can do so by emailing the above address.

Please share with anyone you know who may be interested in participating!

GON has been sent an email inviting them to attend the hunt.

Also we are working with local farmers to help get kids fighting cancer, illness, and other difficult situations out hog hunting, deer hunting, duck hunting, and fishing.

We will soon have a page on our website for kids /families to register to participate in upcoming events and for those interested in helping with the event or providing land for us to hold events at.

Our website is
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Looking for hunters on Monday. Saturday is full.


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We are doing it again this year. Sept 3rd and 5th.

We are in need of kids to shoot. Kids with any disability are welcome.

Email, call 706-318-1629, or private message me here.

We had a great time last year.