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:shoot: anyone ever go to the shooting range out there?

how much to shoot?

good facilities?


any info at all?

thanks guys


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Closed on Mondays.

Open from 10am to 2pm.

Nice roof over decent benches.

150+ yards.

Only complaint is when it gets crowded and range discipline breaks down.


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cost any money?
DNR board voted to charge a daily fee for using WMA facilities if you don't already have a WMA stamp.

I don't know whether that policy has been implemented.


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Make sure you clean up your mess , and do not trust anyone at that range . have seen some people do some not so smart stuff . go to Pinetucky or Fort Gordon . Safe


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I agree. Pinetucky is much more safe.


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My son and I went out there earlier today.

Nice day for shooting.

We wanted to sight-in his new deer rifle...first deer rifle. Marlin XS7 Youth model in 7mm08. We wound up shooting a box of Remington 140gr Corelokts.

I was a bit nervous for him as he's had very, very limited exposure to centerfire rifles.

We boresighted it in at 25 yds.

I fired the first shot just to ensure everything was working safely. First shot was just 2" left. Not bad job on the quick boresighting.

My son was having a cow to shoot so I made a couple windage clicks and let him have it.

The bench didn't allow him to sit...somewhat awkward position but he made the best of it and put one one inch left of the bull.

I don't know who was grinning harder, me or him. He handled the gun well. Good trigger control and he stayed with the shot. Very steady.

He wanted to walk out and check out his first shot.

He went on to shoot a few more. We kept tweaking the windage until we had her dead on. He really abused the poor target. At some point the box holding the target spun around and only present a side shot.

I challenged him to put on in the "White Flyer" circle on the side tab.

He wanted to hold the rifle while sitting but not use the LeadSled. We rigged him up a makeshift rest, not unlike a deerstand rail/window.

Little fella nailed the logo nicely.

Son challenged me to a "plinking" match with our deer rifles. He handicapped me by making me shoot standing. Any trigger time is good stuff in my book so I took 'em on. Felt good shooting my 7mmRemMag some anyway.

We took plenty of toys to shoot. He likes the 1911s and surprised me shooting the .357. I figured he stick with the 9mm but I was wrong. Kid's got taste. :)

Fun day at Yuchi.