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I saw that on TV. It was a good documentary.


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I wouldn't have that European trash!


:rofl: Just kidding. Great scopes indeed. I had to put this in here in case a buddy read it. He's nuts over Zeiss scopes. That's all he'll buy anymore. I told him that the next hunting scope that I buy will be a Zeiss...whenever that is. :rofl:
I certainly like mine a lot. love the etched glass reticle. No glowing reticle during the last 10 minutes of legal shooting light from light reflecting off your eye. Not to mention the crystal clear view and sharp resolution in all lighting conditions. The one on my new girlfriend is my first Zeiss and I don't think I'll ever put anything else on my guns.
Ziess scopes

I have been using Ziess for some time now along with Swarovski and Kahles. I do most of my hunting with a 6x Kahles


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Was on the back deck tonight at 7:30pm. No artificial light...just the natural ambient light. I have a pair of Glendale Bucks out there where I used to shoot my bows. From the deck one is highly visable in daylight. The second one is shielded a bit with overhanging branches and more cover.

I could see neither with my eyes.

The more visable buck could be made out with my older "best scope" but just an indistinct blob with my "best scope". I could make out the buck cleary with both my Zeiss scopes and one of them I could count the points on the rack.

The less visable of the bucks was not visable with my eyes, budget scope or prior best scope. First Zeiss could make out the outline fairly clearly. The other Zeiss could see full outline and some rack detail (enough to gauge between "shooter" or "pass").

All scopes were set at 6 power and paralax had been adjusted well before for that distance on my budget scope and older best scope. I wanted to see them perform to their best. The Zeiss scopes were left alone. Neither have the paralax adjustment.

Budget is 44mm objective

Older "best" is 50mm objective

1st Zeiss is 50mm objective

2nd Zeiss is 56mm objective

The clarity and detail these provide is awesome. I'm very pleased. I think they really offer an excellent value once you really evaluate them.

I have a buddy who has been on me to go with them for years. I'm glad I finally did.


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That big ugly 56mm does no better in low light than a 40mm. You just wasted your money.

Yup. Sure did. What wuz I tinkin.:crazy:

Oh yeah....it was all your fault.:D

Now I've got to quit scoped my archery target bucks and get a real one in the crosshair. Going stircrazy.:banginghe


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Got the below last week from cameraland on Zeiss Conquest refurbs/demos if anyone is interested.

Sent: Sat, December 4, 2010 12:42:02 PM
Subject: Camera Land's Zeiss Conquest Riflescope Blowout

Camera Land's Zeiss Conquest Riflescope Blowout

We just received a bunch of boxes from Zeiss filled with Zeiss Holiday Cheer...Conquest Demo/Refurb scopes. These scopes are all in optically and functionally perfect condition and come with a Zeiss Transferable Lifetime Warranty. We have them priced to make you happy. These will not be on our web site as constant updating would be impossible. Please feel free to call me or Neil @ 212-753-5128 to order or discuss any of these scopes.

3-9X50 CONQUEST #20 Z-Plex - 1 available @ $449.99

4.5-14X50 OONQUEST #20 Z-Plex - 3 available @ $599.99

6.5-20X50 AO CONQUEST #20 Z-Plex - 8 available @ $699.99

6.5-20X50 AO CONQUEST #43 Mildot - 2 available @ $699.99

6.5-20X50 CONQUEST S/S #43 Mildot - 1 available @ $749.99

3-12X56 CONQUEST #8 - 2 available @ $699.99

3-9x40 CONQUEST #20 Z-Plex - 14 available @ $349.99

3.5-10X44 CONQUEST S/S #20 Z-Plex - 1 available @ $499.99

4.5-14X44 CONQUEST #20 Z-Plex - 7 available @ $599.99

4.5-14X44 CONQUEST TARGET #43 Mildot - 1 available @ $649.99

4.5-14X50 CONQUEST H #20 Z-Plex - 2 available @ $599.99

6.5-20x50 CONQUEST #75 Rapid-Z Varmint - 3 available @ $789.99

6.5-20x50 CONQUST H #43 Mildot - 1 available @ $699.99

3.5-10X44 CONQUEST #71 Rapid Z-600 - 6 available @ $549.99

6.5-20X50 CONQUEST #73 Rapid Z-1000 - 4 available @ $789.99

4.5-14x44 CONQUEST TARGET #73 Rapid Z-1000 - 3 available @ $599.99

4.5-14x50 CONQUEST #73 Rapid Z-1000 - 1 available @ $649.99

4.5-14x50 CONQUEST H #43 Mildot - 1 available @ $649.99

4.5-14X44 CONQUEST #72 Rapid Z-800 - 13 available @ $599.99

4.5-14X50 CONQUEST H #72 Rapid Z-800 - 1 available @ $649.99

6.5-20X50 S/S #75 Rapid Z-Varmint - 1 available @ $799.99

3.5-10X44 CONQUEST #72 Rapid Z-800 - 1 available @ $549.99

3.5-10X44 CONQUEST #20 Z-Plex - 1 available @ $499.99

3-9x50 CONQUEST #71 Rapid Z-600 - 2 available @ $474.99

3.5-10X50 CONQUEST #20 Z-Plex - 3 available @ $539.99

View Zeiss Reticles - Click Here <http://www.cameralandny.com/optics/zeissreticles.html>

Thank you for your continued support

Doug @ Camera Land
CameralandNY and Bear Basin are awesome.

Good thing Zeiss uses that corrugated wrap because UPS seems to have really been getting sorry with their handling lately.