Zizzz - POP - kerplunk - bye bye spybait...

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Dang it! I was having fun marking fish on the sonar and reeling that sucker right by the fish... BAM. Fish on!

Went to cast after releasing a bass and POP - splash - it wuz gone. $14 bye bye.

DOH! Braid just popped, not sure why. I'll be checking the knots more often, O yes I will.

I am seriously thinking of ditching braid and going back to Trilene mono on the casting reel. I am definitely getting more backlashes with it. Should have had that spybait on my finesse rod anyway, but I had a ned rig on that (that wasn't working - changed to drop shot and started getting bites).

Ordered 2 more from ebay, but wanted the threadfin shad color. Settled for a ghost pearl and a ghost M shad.
I ditched braid and went back to Trilene mono a while back as well. I dont have braid on any of my rods right now, and I have quite a few rod/reels. I just dont care for the braid much.


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I only have braid on my frog/flipping rod and a spinning rod I use for smaller swimbaits and saltwater stuff. I have been using the KVD line conditioner and it has made a tremendous difference. I use mono for everything else. I have never had the first bit of goodness with fluoro and can't talk myself into trying it again. Suffix Seige is probably my fav mono, but I can't stop buying Big Game. The price gets me every time. I have been using it for probably 17 years and have had so few problems it's ridiculous.


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You sure the braid wasn't old and/or dry-rotted? I use Power Pro and that stuff is so strong that I have to cut it when I get snagged otherwise I'll break my pole trying strong arm it...
Agreed. I wouldn't use braid for a spy bait. Actually. I use braid on all of my reels. I would probably just have 15-20 feet of 8-10lb flouro leader.

Unless you had a striper and drag wasn't set right, then you probably had a nick in it. If the braid popped, then it wasn't your knot. Check for frays and a damaged guide.
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To be clear, I lost it on the cast, using a baitcasting rig (Power Pro 20 lb), when I got a backlash, and it wasn't the knot. I would normally fish the lure on my finesse spinning rig which also has Power Pro braid (12 lb) and a pretty long 10 lb flouro leader, but I got in a hurry because fish were schooling near the boat. It must have had a nick in it somewhere, possibly from one of the fish I caught on it just before.

I did lose the tip guide insert last week and had to re-glue it, and called 13 fishing. They are sending me a new tip guide, but it ain't here yet. The line was frayed a bit from that, but I thought I pulled most of the frayed bit off. Oh well.

After that, I tied on a shad rap and trolled up a spot, no line issues.

Headed to Academy for a spool of Trilene 17lb XT which I have used over 20 years and never had a problem with, but I was trying the new things, I guess. I have like 5 new spybaits on order, I love the lure, but wish it was cheaper. I did catch several bass on it before I lost it, so it was "paid for" I guess.
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I have used braid to fluoro on a 90 series spybait. Sufix 8# - 10# Nano Braid with a 15'-20' Sunline 7# FC Sniper fluoro leader. I don't use it on the 80 or 80 G-Fix. I use 6# straight fluoro on those two baits.
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Gotcha. I'll just spool the finesse rig up with straight flouro 6# on the next re-spool. There's so many brands.. you like the Sunline Sniper I guess?


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Sucks to lose lures. I lost two parker spoons in Lanier when they first came out and they were Expensive! They got hung up in deep trees. Cost of fishing!
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Caught 6 on a new ghost shad color spybait yesterday, including a nice LM and a 2 lb spot that fought like the dickens, and had me sure I had a monster until I got him to the boat. 20 lb braid and long 10 lb flouro leader. I did find a knot in the braid and will be changing line today.

In other news, I found you can't cast a small crankbait very far on old stiff 17 lb test (yeah I'm a cheapskate and will be changing that out pronto), and that if you brain-lock and run over your own line, its not good, either! Need to pull the prop of my trolling motor and get about a mile of that old 17 lb test off there! :LOL:

Going for shoal bass tomorrow, but I won't be casting a spinbait in shallow rocky waters, no.