“Old” single shot disassembly help

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"Useless Billy" Fire Chief.
I found an old goose gun in my late pa in laws shed. I’d like to clean it up and possibly make it functional. It’s pretty rough and if I can’t make it safe to fire I’d at least like it clean inside and out. Can anyone help with the correct order to disassemble? Thanks.
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H & D Folsom Firearms may have been the original manufacture or Crescent.
good luck with your endeavor....looks like a nice project

I have my grandfathers Crescent S/S in 16ga that needs some work.
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"Useless Billy" Fire Chief.
After a good bit of wire brushing I assembled the action to check for fitment issues. It did not lock up tight before and it still doesn’t. There’s a good bit of wear on the locking pieces. I don’t know their correct names. I’ll tinker with it to see if I can get a better fit, but I’m doubtful. 776EAB88-F00F-4133-B31D-83BDE907164D.jpeg 95502B38-ACBC-4301-917B-66388A182FE3.jpeg
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"Useless Billy" Fire Chief.
Luckily, that's an easy part for you to reproduce. I'm looking forward to seeing how this comes out.
Thanks, I’m a decent wood worker and the stock is a simple design so I think you’re right on the ease of replacement.
I’m going to have to study up on the barrel to action fitment for sure.
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"Useless Billy" Fire Chief.
After some unchristian like mumbling, I figured out the fitment issue. There’s a roll pin that holds the ejector rod and spring in place, it has to be completely flush. It’s not to brand new specs on movement, but it’s a lot closer now. 53919609-1A40-4F3B-9471-516F5F965628.jpeg 84EAAEB6-F896-4CC8-8D0B-F4C8B04AF47B.jpeg


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You get it opening and closing up tight,you’ll be proud of that shotgun.as well you should be.