0.29 sights?

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Hi to everyone!

My dad likes hunting with his bow but he doesn’t see well. He used to use 0.19 sight, but now he says he can’t see well through it anymore. We have decided to buy a new one with 0.29 for him.

So the questions to you are: do you have the same problem and is it right to switch from 0.19 to 0.29 in this case? Which one of 0.29 do you use?

P.S. Dad wants to buy Topoint but I have some doubts because we have never tried this brand.


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Welcome to the forum. You will probably find more sight users in the bowhunting forum. But yeah .029 will be more visible if he can still see the target well enough.


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They are bigger much easier to see. Might consider changing to a bigger peep also. I had to get rid of the red pins they are too fuzzy.