1 “Over The Hilly Gang”

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Good job boss man , did they put on a show ? Also great job on letting the breeder Tom live, and killing them young 2 year olds 👍
Yes they put on a show alright. 1st one fell out the sky as he was coming in for a landing at his strutt zone. Looked like a mid air collision with a load of number 9 s to the front end of the plane. Toook out the landing gear. He gobbled 4 times. Before his finale take off. the second one was trying to get grandson on him. He gobbled and strutted in the pines where open. He seen grandson move and started side stepping. He was out of Position then. So I put the hammer down and we high 5ed. the other day the birds seen him move. He said after they left u should of shot one. well today I did. guesd we will try again later. maybe we will hear one.

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congrats kmac!!!
I'd get pics closer up of that date on yer phone if it aint too late
well team mates not looking good havnt seen or heard a tom in all the places i hav been done put over 3000 miles on my truck going back an forth trying to get permission to hunt the birds that are close to my house but time is running out