1/12 pm since its noon

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Got my doe cleaned and on ice. I ate a bologna sandwich and came back to my climber. Rain looks spotty so far. I walked in on a route to jump any deer out of the planted pines and saw at least 1 leave. They ran towards my stand so I'm hoping if the rain does start they will want to cross from behind me to get to the other thicket they bed in.
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Had a hen nibbling some corn for about 20 minutes. The wind is hitting me on my back right shoulder, then switching to head on, then my back, then right side again. Its changing directions in the same breeze! I also have had some bitter cold wind hit me in the last 5 mins.


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Headed out there soon, trying to decide from between bow or gun? Might just take both.

Will check back from the stand.
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So I worked up a sweat coming in to my stand. Anyone ever ordered take out to their deer stand? I sent my father in law a message and 20 minutes later I have a bottle of water, a bbq chicken sandwich, and a bag of chips delivered to me, and I didn't even have to climb down the tree I'm in! And all I asked was if he could bring me a water while he was out riding around!


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Getting dressed at the truck and had three run off in the direction I planned on hunting in. Stalked in here hoping the come back. Mitchell County
Sitting on the feeder. If it's not the seed bull or a coyote I'm not gonna shoot


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Sitting in box stand in Webster Co. light rain. Glad for the roof. Last sit of the year. Hoping for a pig. Scouted and spot hunted all day. Nothing.


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Box stand for the evening hunt in Taliaferro. Man, that wind is damp and cold. Had two does making their way out into the field, but stopped just short. Watched them through the binos for 20 mins hanging out just in the woods. Was about to pack it up at 6p when one decided the grass was greener in the field. She took one step too far, and got a ride home in my truck.