1/28 was a good night for a 90 minute try!

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I’ve been spending a lot of time in the extended season tree this month. Last week a limb on the crossbow snapped while sitting there. Felt kinda lucky to find some limbs and got them on by Wednesday. Back in Thursday night and didn’t see a thing. Debating one more sit and it was getting pretty windy and cold and I finally just jumped in the truck and went. In at 5:10 at found myself willing and willing a buck to come in. Caught movement about 5:45? and said you need to hurry up! It did. A couple minutes later it was 20 yards then broadside. After watching and waiting this season I got this season’s first deer in Ga.
Congrats again! We got a Lil snow on the ground here. Would like to try this pm but we don't have the luxury
Nice.(y) The wuhan interrupted my attempts at a first xbow deer this season, but I'm getting ready for the fall.