10/30 PM

Fixing to head out. Power finally back on, somewhere around 32 hours. I am going to get a whole house generator! Still breezy but I am going to be OTG in NW Coweta backed up to the State park, Finally go the OK to hunt that little slice of heaven. Ill try to post.
Going in kind of blind, only searched for sheds there this spring but looks good.


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Back at it in Jasper County! Doing some scout hunting in a different spot on a hardwood bottom. Got acorns dropping and the wind is swirling a bit.


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Back in the ONF. Been miserably slow game movement today. Got down at 11, went to truck for lunch and a nap. Been in here since 2. Saw one super tiny spike, then a bigger buck cruised behind me about 3:30. No shot opportunity. I have only seen a few squirrels.
Backup in Treutlen county. Only saw one this morning. Lone doe that came to my grunt call-hopefully she is ready and still around this evening or with a new boyfriend!GL all!
Got 2-3 coyote sized fox squirrels running all over the place about 70-80 yards from me. Luckily the wind is starting to die down.