10/30 PM


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Hancock and melting in this enclosed tower stand. Power line this evening had 6 does in the plot as I climbed up. Lots of fresh running buck tracks in the road so that sure is promising. Good luck fellas
Just a tid bit for you that may not already know because I want all to be successful..... The moon is going to be bright and full in the coming days BUT it has nothing to do with movement. Get in the woods any daylight hours you can this weekend and next week.


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Man I wish I was in the stand this evening. I just got home from work and my wife said she wants to go to Riverbend and eat catfish, and that sounded really pleasing to me. Good luck to everyone!
Just had a good buck come trotting by at about 40 yards. It’s so thick in here that I didn’t see him until he was about past me. He got into the creek bottom behind my stand and I lost sight of him. I heard him walking off down the bottom. Got my heart pumping!


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Finally! Up in Taliaferro. Was climbing into the box stand and looked down the edge of the food plot to see a doe walk outside under a persimmon tree. She must've seen me as I tried to duck in quietly, because she was gone when I got in and looked that way. Tomorrow, dear lady....


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Theyre chasing, had a 4 point and a big bodied bad right side rack buck chasing a doe. 4 point pegged me and stood around forever trying to figure me out. Big boy snort wheezed and had his hair standing up like he meant business. Rubbed a tree, he’s lucky I’m in Dooly
It’s in boys, time to hunt
So I missed an opportunity on a great buck. To rub salt in the wound, I had a 1.5 yr old spike come up from the creek bottom behind me and start eating acorns. Then he comes up next to the stand and starts sniffing where I had let it fly earlier. Then he comes to the base of the ladder and stands there looking around. He finally eased off after a few minutes but it was still a great experience!


Had one come in but never could get a good enough look to see if it was legal. Once it came back by it was so dark all I could tell was it had antlers.
It did respond to the grunt call though. He went by and I called him back down the hill.