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Let's see now: I just ran out of the pound of Goex ffg that I bought in 1998, and ran over to Deer Creek to buy a replacement pound. At that rate of consumption, I'll be 93 years old when this pound is gone! Were i to split 10 pounds with you, I'd be forced to leave at least four pounds of it in my will!

Of course, 25 years from now, after the Sanders, Warren and Cortez administrations ban everything that can go boom, it might be worth over $1,000 per pound on the black market! In this case My heirs would be thanking me for making such a shrewd investment!

Seriously, I only shoot the real stuff out of one of my five muzzleloaders, and it's primarily a decorative wall hanger. Once I get my load finalized, it'll go back on the wall, and won 't get used until I score a deer with a couple of guns ahead of it in line.
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Well, I really don't need it, as I have two bottles each plus one I am shooting out of each, of Goex, Pyro, and T7.

So, that's six unopened pounds, and three partials...

But if I had five bottles of Goex stuck back in the closet, I wouldn't ever worry about it again.

I guess enough really isn't...😆