10 year old catches 40lb Striper on Lanier

I wish I was a kid again. They always get the best ones... and I wouldn't want it any other way. Way to go yall!

Cletus T.

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There you go little man.....congrats on the monster stripe. Some folks fish their whole lives and never catch one like that!!!
Dang Bob....tell Charles to start off year with a big fish next year. I mean, dang!

Super Awesome fish Charlie! Great job all the way around Bob. I bet he sleeps good tonight after that epic battle! see you tomorrow night.


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That is a huge striper. It makes it even better what you went through to get it in the boat. Congrats on the fish and the lifetime memory.
He will remember that fish, that day, and that experience with you for the rest of his life.

Way to go, to both of you.