12-2 am

pse hunter

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Elbert County checking in on some public land for the first time this year in one my most favorite spot around hoping the rain holds off.. it's foggy and hot but we shall see


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In Cobb with the stick and strings.. I'm on the bottom end of where an oak flat meets a swamp and young Hunter is on the edge if a field in a pine honey hole looking for a doe.. Warm this morning for sure...

Big Foot

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N Fulton

Perfect out. Wet foggy damp no wind - darkish - light drizzle here there
Daughter and I are back at it at buck shoals wma. Second and final day for her youth hunt. Hopefully today will be good as we hope with the rain finally gone.


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Hunted 3 hours in the fog in a tripod in thinned pines in south Putnam. None seen and no shots heard.