12/21 Di Lane Quail Quota

Coach K

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Let me know if anyone would like extra dog power upcoming season. Last year was not great, but the three dates I was asked to hunt we found anywhere from 3 - 5 coveys. Might have been more had it not been so warm. 2020, I will be available for the last three Dec' hunts, possibly. I will have to see if I, or friends get drawn first, however. Skipped the Feb hunt last season because a friend was afraid of warm weather and snakes being out. Supposedly, the bird # forecast is much better for upcoming season, as rain was more frequent throughout the summer months. Last year, summer was much drier. The bird reproduction suffered. (according to DNR)

Re: Pressure - Bird harvest is monitored and kept within parameters of what is acceptable in relation to what the total population is forecasted to have been from preseason call and flush counts. Plus, not every group shows. Many groups only have just one dog, or few, thus no finds. Many come with dogs inexperienced with wild quail = few if any finds. Hunters have to foot it, so time in field is abbreviated for many. Definitely do not need to change limits or reduce dates/parties.



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Finding a way to decrease the emphasis on killing birds and increasing the enjoyment of dog work and the additional covey rises is the challenge of a place like this.