12 volt deer feeder

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I know it’s been probably discussed before but I am planning on making some 55 gal feeders just for corn haven’t had a lot of luck with wild game 6 volt even with their solar attachments thinking of 12 volt unit with larger solar panel what’s a reliable brand that’s out there
Lewis what is the issue? 12V or 6V should last a year with a solar attachment...you don't have to have one or the other per se.

"The Timer" is the best controller made, and works on either 6V or 12V and with a solar panel and a 6V or 12 pre-charged it should last all year if you feed twice per day...I pulled 3 12V using The Timer and all 3 were fully charged at the end of the season.

If you are having battery issues I would check the battery and make sure it it fresh and fully charged at the start of the season, and also check to see if your motor is spinning freely and is a high quality motor. Either way, 6V or 12V should not be a material difference feeding a couple of times per day...
I have heard nothing but good things about those feeders from West Texas!
I ran the six or seven of the Moultrie feeders with the 6V lantern battery and it was an exercise in frustration. The digital display would go crazy if it got a little moisture in it and critters would tear them us as they were so easy to access and even tore up the cages I tried using. I tried everything to keep the critters off the solar panel wires with not much luck.
last year we started using the Moultrie all in one feeders. They are small and compact. Not much critters can do to them and they run off four AA batteries. I don't know how long the batteries last as I have never had one quit and got to where I just change the batteries once a season. Unscrew the bottom cover and a small digital screen pops down with simple to use controls. They are all we use now and have had Zero problems and they are inexpensive. I have hunted around and found them online for $25 each. Sometimes they are more if I can't find a deal.