1300 Acres, 9 Members - BAMA BLACKBELT

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We are full, if you are looking for something next year, please contact me again next March.

Need 2 members/ 9 total. Russell County Al. (corner of Bullock, Macon and Russell)

Approximately 1.5 hours from Atlanta, Alabama Black Belt (20/ 30 miles south of Auburn). This land was intensely managed (QDMA) for 7 years. The land has not been hunted in 3 years prior to to us getting the lease last year. There is approximately 5200 acres trophy managed surrounding our land.

The group that had the land before us killed approximately 8 bucks between 140 to 160 in 7 years. The gentleman ran out of steam with the economy and ended up getting land closer to his house.

This is one of the prettiest tract's of land I have ever seen. There is a great mixture of terrain. We have approx. 2 miles of thick beaver swamp on our west border. There are a few swamp fingers feeding off the main swamp into our property (A LOOOOT OF THICK SWAMP). There are also a lot of HW creek bottoms (some a very wide), clear cut (see 1000 + yards), thick pines, new thinned pines. There are miles 4 wheeler trails and excellent roads (the guys that had this land before us did an EXCELLENT job).

Our dues work like this:
$1,200 due in May, plus planting (we will not know exactly how much until we get our soil samples back, $200 to $300 per man). This will take you into next year turkey season (1 turkey season, 1 deer season).

There are approximately 21 food plots ranging from 1/4 acre to a little over 2 acres. There are 6 shooting houses we have found. All the members will dedicate 2 or more - two man stands on most of the plots. There are a few plots that will not have stands after we put the 12 or so we already have. So, I dedicate 2 ladder stands to the club, but have I have 20 to hunt. The ladders are yours, but will be available for everyone.

Minerals (each member should put out 4/ 5 mineral stations, less than $100 I think for the year).

None of our members are local and we are not looking for local members (sorry). All of our guys hunt in GA/ IL/ KY and KS. We picked this tract up so we can have a good tract of land to hunt after the GA season.

Take a look at the last pic for sure, super STUUUUUD!!! Also attached is a buck from last February, and I am 99% sure the second pic from December is the same buck, 1 year older. The other two were sent to me from our neighbors to our south border. I have many, many pictures of mature bucks from this land (there are a lot of turkey as well). I am working on getting pics of a few reported 140 + bucks killed by our neighbors.

Campers allowed, no power or water as of now.

Serous inquires please.


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We are about 15 miles south of Phenix City Alabama (a little south east of Columbus, GA), right around 60 miles from LaGrange GA.
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There is a very healthy turkey population. Lots of turkey is a relative term. I have seen properties with more (not many), and I have seen properties with a lot less.

I would say our property is better than average for turkeys. The few times I have hunted on this property (opening weekend), I have heard birds gobbling 360 degrees around me. I go fishing after opening weekend :).
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We had one gentleman who committed and ended up bailing on us, never heard back from him.

If anyone is interested, let me know ASAP.
Longshot. Looking for Trophy club in Alabama. I hunt ga also. Live in central florida. Electric and water for camper needed. I know this is a old post, but you never know. 2021-2022 Season. 813 727-5394